Central NY Oil & Gas Co. North-South Project

Central New York Oil and Gas Company, LLC (CNYOG) constructed two new compressor stations:

  • One new compressor station in Tioga County, NY (the NS1 Compressor Station) with an electric-driven, 13,400-horsepower (hp) centrifugal compressor
  • One new compressor station in Bradford County, PA (the NS2 Compressor Station) with an electric-driven, 15,300-hp centrifugal compressor

The project, which is associated with CNYOG's existing Stagecoach Storage Project, would increase the flow of natural gas throughout the existing North and South Laterals to 560 million cubic feet per day and 728 cubic feet per day, respectively.

TCSI was contracted directly by CNYOG to provide programmable logic controllers (PLC) for the main station and emergency shutdown (ESD) including PLC hardware, panel fabrication, panel and loop drawings, and the development of PLC logic. The hardware chosen was Allen Bradley (AB) ControlLogix, including IFM modules in the main cabinet and Flex IO at a remote location, using ControlNet communication over fiber optic cable. The software chosen was ControlLogix 5000 ver. 19. The purchased electrical equipment included process field bus (PROFIBUS) communication, and it was connected to the AB hardware using a ProSoft Technology 1756-MVI56-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS module. This module integrates all motor start/stop commands and monitors motor alarms and run status. Ethernet communication was used to connect the PLC and the human-machine interface (HMI) to the compressor’s PLC. TCSI also provided all of the station’s Rosemount pressure and temperature transmitters, the control room furniture, HMI hardware, and printers.

The HMI system includes GE Proficy iFIX version 5.0 with redundancy, two rack-mounted Raid four servers, iHistorian, and client PCs. TCSI developed the tag database, and the display, alarm, and trend screens. These screens will also be accessible via a virtual private network (VPN) with CNYOG’s Stagecoach location in Owego, NY. TCSI was also contracted by one of the compressor manufacturers to develop their screens in the iFIX format. Onsite service for the project included field device calibration, loop checks, startup service, commissioning, and a full time electrical installation examiner.

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