Projects (long-form)

The following projects are a sample of the diversity and complexity of the control systems that staff members at TCSI have been involved in (either as TCSI employees or in their previous employment). These projects included everything associated with system commissioning and start-up; from installation supervision through field device calibration, loop check, testing, tuning, and performance verification. Some of these projects also included burner management systems, combustion control systems and balance of plant (BOP) controls.

Ansaldo, Panama City, Panama
Aramco Ju’aymah Gas facility
ARCO Alaska – Prudhoe Bay
Boston Edison
Colorado – Utah Power
Cornell University
Eielson Air Force Base
Frito Lay, Kirkwood, NY
Babcock Borsig Power
Babcock Ultrapower
Cayuga Energy – Carthage
Cayuga Energy – South Glens Falls
Cardinal Glass FG
Central New York Oil and Gas
DAK Americas
Dartmouth College
Deer Island – Boston Harbor Project Thermal Power Plant
Deer Island – Boston Harbor Project Cryogenics Plant
Eastern Asian Energy
ECO Springfield – Energy Answers
Gas Technology Institute
Goulds Pumps
H.G. Vesper – U.S. Merchant Ship
Industry and Energy Associates
J.F. White – Boston Harbor Project
Leeds & Northrup
Long Island Lighting Company – Northport Station
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin, Owego, NY
Mass Water Resource Authority
New York State Electric and Gas – Goudey Station
New York State Electric and Gas – Greenidge Station
New York State Electric and Gas – Milliken Station
New York State Electric and Gas – Hickling Station
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
Occidental Petroleum – Qatar
Rice University
Santa Lucia – Brazilian merchant ship
Schoeller Technical Papers
Siemens Energy and Automation
Springfield Resource Recovery
SS Austral Pilot – U.S. merchant ship
SS Freedom – U.S. merchant ship
SS J.E. Gasline – U.S. merchant ship
SS George Wythe – U.S. merchant ship
SS Stonewall Jackson – U.S. merchant ship
Stein Industries – SWECC Saline Conversion
Taiwan Power Company
Town of Vestal Water Department
Tucuman, Argentina
TYCO Healthcare Mallinckrodt
UGI Hunlock Creek
USNS Gopher State
USNS Redstone – U.S. merchant ship
USNS Vandenberg – U.S. merchant ship
U.S. Salt
Waterman Steamship – Cairo, Egypt
WPS – Beaver Falls
WPS – WPS Solvay, NY
WPS – Niagara Falls, NY

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