Boston Harbor’s Deer Island Thermal Power Plant

Location: Boston/Winthrop, Massachusetts

TCSI provided project start-up and commissioning services for the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Thermal Power Plant. After a different controls integrator was awarded the contract to implement this plant’s Bailey Infi 90 design, development, and startup/commissioning responsibilities, they proved lacking in the experience needed for the project. TCSI was brought in as a subcontractor to develop the control strategy and configuration, provide construction drawings, supervise installation, calibrate field devices, and perform loop checks. The plant included the following equipment:

  • 2 Zurn boilers/dual-fuel 175 klb/hr boilers (one methane gas and one oil)
  • 2 gas turbines
  • 1 steam turbine
  • Bailey Infi 90 distributed control system (DCS) with 6 process control unit (PCU) cabinets
  • Plant equipment including gas compressors and Digester Gas Scrubbing System
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