Turnkey Control Solutions, Inc. (TCSI) was incorporated in 1988. Initially, we were a service company supporting clients with Bailey distributed control systems (DCS), primarily in the power generation industry. Within a few short years, our offerings diversified and our client base expanded domestically and internationally. In 1992, we began purchasing Bailey/ABB systems from power plants that were being decommissioned, and added comprehensive hardware support of those legacy systems to our capabilities in control system strategy and logic development. We positioned ourselves to be a single-source supplier for those clients looking to support their Bailey/ABB DCS while analyzing the logistics of a possible platform migration. To accomplish that ongoing mission, TCSI built a world-class staff, developed efficient supply networks, and made substantial investments in properties, equipment, and hardware. Over the years, we have emerged as an industry leader in control systems, including EB 90 support, humanmachine interface (HMI) platform replacement, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), IT networking solutions, and control system information and reporting needs.

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