Bailey Inventory

Description Modules
6637826B1 AC Transfer Module for use w/ IEPEP03, NPEP05
Bus Transfer Module for use w/ IEPEP03, NPEP05
IMAMM03 Analog Master Module
IMASI02 Analog Input Module
IMASI03 Analog Input Module, 16 Inputs, TC, Mv, RTD, High Level
IMASI13 Analog Input Module, 16 inputs (replaced IMASI03)
IMASM01 Analog Input Module, 4-20mA, 1-5v, 0-10v, -10 to 10v.
IMASM02 Analog Input Module 8 mv or TC inputs
IMASM03 Analog Input Module
IMASM04 Analog Input Module
IMASO01 Analog Output Module, 14 Analog Outputs, 1-5vdc, 4-20mA
IMASO11 Analog Output Module (14 outputs)
IMCIS02 Control I/O Module
IMCIS12 Control I/O Module
IMCIS22 Control I/O Module
IMCOM03 Enhanced Controller Module
IMCPM02 Communications Port Module RS-232
IMDSI02 Digital Input Module, 16 Inputs, 24vdc, 125 vdc, 120 vac
IMDSM05 Digital Logic Station Interface Module
IMDSO01 Digital Output Module
IMDSO03 Digital Output Module, 125 VDC 8 outputs
IMDSO04 Digital Output Module
IMDSO14 Digital Output Module
IMFBS01 Field Bus Module
IMMFC03 Enhanced Multi-Function Controller w/ Basic & C
IMMFC04 Enhanced Multi-Function Controller
IMMFC05 Multi-Function Controller
IMMFP01 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP02 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP03 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP12 Multi-Function Processor
IMMPI01 Multi-Function Processor Interface for IMMFP03
IMRIO02 Remote I/O Module
INBIM02 Bus Interface Module
INBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
INICT01 Infi-net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03A Infi-net to Computer Transfer Module
INIIT01 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INIIT02 Infinet to Infinet Remote Transfer Module
INIIT03 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INLIM03 Loop Interface Module
INNIS01 Network Interface Module
INNIS11 Network Interface Module
INNPM01 Network Processing Module
INNPM11 Network Processing Module
INNPM12 Network Interface Module
INPPT01 Plant Loop to Plant Loop Transfer Module
NAMM02 Analog Master Module
NAMM03 Analog Master Module
NAOM01 Analog Output Module
NASI02 Analog Input Module
NASM01 Analog Input Module
NASM02 Analog Input Module, 8 TC or Mv Inputs
NASM03 Analog Input Module, RTD
NBIM02 Bus Interface Module
NBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
NCIS01 Control I/O Module
NCIS02 Control I/O Module
NCOM03 Enhanced Controller Module
NCTM01 Configuration and Tuning Module
NDSI01 Digital Slave Input Module
NDSI02 Digital Input Module
NDSM04 Pulse Input Module, 8 inputs 0-50 KHz
NDSM05 Digital Logic Station Module
NLIM02 Loop Interface Module
NLIS01 Loop Interface Slave
NLMM02 Logic Master Module
NLSM02 (replaced by INPCT01) Plant Loop to Computer Transfer Module
NMFC01 Multi-Function Controller
NMFC02 Multi-Function Controller w/ Basic
NMFC05 Multi-Function Controller
NMPC01 PC-90 Processor (replaced by IMMPC01)
NPIM01 Processor Interface Module
NPTM01 Point Table Module
NSBM01 SuperLoop Bus Module
NSIM01 Serial Interface Module
NSPM01 Serial Port Module

Mounting Equipment
6637801A2 Power Mounting Card Cage
Assembly 6637804C1 MMJ Backpanel
IECAB01 General Purpose Cabinet Modules & Terminations
IEFAN01 Fan Assembly 120v
NMMU01 Module Mounting Unit, Rear Mounting 12 Module Slots
IEMMU01 Module Mounting Unit, Rear Mounting 12 Module Slots
IEMMU11 Module Mounting Unit, Rear Mounting, 12 Module Slots
IEMMU21 Module Mounting Unit, Rear Mounting, 12 Module Slots
IEMMU04 Module Mounting Unit, 5 Module Slots
IEPMU01 Power Mounting Unit, Rear Mounting, 12 Slots
IMBLK01 Blank Faceplate for Empty Slots
IPFAN14 MPS II Fan Module
NFTP01 Field Termination Panel
NFAN01 Fan Assembly, 120 v
NTMU01 Termination Module Mounting Unit
NTMU02 Termination Module Mounting Unit
Part 258603A1 Fans & Parts
IPFAN11 Power System Fan, 120 VAC Input
IEFAN04 Fan Assembly 120v Redundant

Termination Units
Assembly 6634274A1
Assembly 6634274A3
CBE01 Bus Extender, 24 vdc
NIAI04 Analog Input Termination Module, high level
NICS01 Control I/O Termination Module
NICL01 Communication Link Termination Module
NIDI01 Digital I/O Termination Module
NIDO01 Digital Output Termination Module
NIMF01 Multi-Function Controller Termination Module
NIMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Module
NIMP02 Multi-Function Processor Termination Module (redundant)
NIRL03 Remote Link Termination Unit
NTAI02 Analog Input Termination Unit, TC
NTAI03 Analog Input Termination Unit,
NTAI05 Analog Input Termination Unit, High Level
NTAI06 Analog Input Termination Unit, 16 inputs
NTAM01 Analog Master Termination Unit
NTCF01 Fiber Optic Communication System
NTCF02 Fiber Optic Communication System
NTCF03 Fiber Optic Communication System
NTCL01 Communication Loop Termination Unit
NTCS02 Control I/O Termination Unit
NTCS04 Control I/O Termination Unit
NTCU01 Plant Loop to Computer Interface Termination Unit
NTDI01 Digital Input Termination
NTDO01 Digital Output Termination
NTDO02 Digital Output Termination Unit
NTLS01 Logic Station Termination Unit
NTMF01 Multi-Function Controller Termination Unit
NTMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Unit
NTPL01 Plant Loop Termination Unit

OIU Cards & Parts
OIU Disk Controller
OIU 8" Floppy Drive
OIU 8" Floppy Drive & Hard Drive Complete Assembly
8" Disk Cleaning Kit
NIOX01 I/O Expander Card Assembly 6634165E1
IOXM I/O Expander Card Assembly 663416P11E1
NPIM01 Processor Interface Card Assembly 6631996K1
NMFP01 Multi Function Processor Card Assembly 6634163P1
NMFP03 Multi Function Processor Card Assembly 6634163A3H
6634998B1 Auxiliary Engineering Keyboard
6636087E1 EWS Graphics Card
6638514A1 External Membrane Keyboard PS1058244D rev A10
6634967C1 Internal Membrane Keyboard PS1167043
6638353A5 OIU/OIS Peripheral connectors and power distribution

OIS Cards & Parts
OIS Backplane Assembly 6640347A1 w/ Rack Mount & Fan
IIMRM02 Multibus Reset Module (for driver cabinet, OIS 40s)
IIMCP01 Multibus Communication Processor
IIMCP02 Multibus Communication Processor, SCSI (Loop Module to OIS 40 Interface, Infi-net)
IIMCL01 Multibus Communication Link Termination, for infi-net/plant loop communication highway, for all OIS
IIMLM01 Multibus Loop Module, Communication Highway to Communication Processor I/F for all OIS
IIMPM01 Multibus Processor Module for use with OIS 20
Alpha Station 255, 233 MHz from OIS 40 series
Optical Drive from OIS 40 series IIDOP04A/5A (rack or tabletop mount) 1.3 GB
IIMSM01 Multibus Serial I/O Module for OIS 20, 25 & MCS
Matrox SX-900 Color Graphic Card, rev 02
6634230K1 Membrane Keyboard Module
SBE MPU-28 rev E (Bailey ROM B-2) 1900214 Processor Card
OIS 20 CRT Monitors
OIS 20 Hard Disk and Controller Assembly (OMTI 5400)

1947422A22025 Serial Cable (RS232 connectors)
6634205A1 - 3'
6634205A1 - 8'
6634512A50N54 Ribbon Cable
6636342A1 - 5'
6637598A9N96 Codex 2111 Modem to CS Kb or CRT - 8'
6637814A2 Power Entry Panel Cable
6639458A1 - 3'
NKAI01-2' Cold Junction Compensation Cable
NKAI01-5' Cold Junction Compensation Cable
NKAS01-10' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-12' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-13' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-14' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-15' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-16' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-17' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-20' Analog Module Termination Cable
NKCL01-6' Coaxial Infinet/ RIO Communication Link Cable
NKCL01-10' Coaxial Infinet/ RIO Communication Link Cable
NKCL01-20' Coaxial Infinet/ RIO Communication Link Cable
NKCL01-50' Coaxial Infinet/ RIO Communication Link Cable
NKDO01-2 Digital Output Cable
NKDS05-5' Digital Logic Station Cable
NKLM01-20' Communication Interface Cable
NKLM01-4' Communication Interface Cable
NKLM01-8' Communication Interface Cable
NKLM01-10' Communication Interface Cable
NKLM01-9' Communication Interface Cable
NKLM01-15' Communication Interface Cable
NKLS01-9' Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS01-10' Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS01-11' Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS01-13' Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS01-15' Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS01-20 Infi-net Interface Cable
NKLS03-10' Plant Loop Interface Cable
NKLS03-4' Plant Loop Interface Cable
NKLS04-3 Plant Loop Interface Cable
NKMF01-1' MultiFunction Cable
NKMF02-2' Multi-Function Cable
NKMP01-2' Multi-Function Processor Cable, 2 Ft
NKMP01-6' Multi-Function Processor Cable, 6 Ft
NKPL01-2' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-3' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-10' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-15' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-25' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-150' Twinax Plant Loop Calbe
NKPL01-30' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-43' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPL01-50' Twinax Plant Loop Cable
NKPR01-25' Printer Cable
NKTL01-3' Coax Termination Cable
NKTD02-15 Termination Station Cable
NKTM01-3' I/O Moudle to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTM01-10' I/O Moudle to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTM01-15' I/O Moudle to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTM01-20' I/O Moudle to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTM01-25' I/O Module to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTT01-2' Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-3' Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-5' Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-6' Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-10 Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-20 Infinet Termination Cable
NKTT01-30 Infinet Termination Cable
NKTU01-5' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-9' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-10' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-11' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-12' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-13' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-14' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-15' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-16' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-17' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-18' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-19' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-20' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU02-21 I/O Module to Termination Module Cable
NKTU01-25' I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU02-10 I/O Module to Termination Module Cable
NKTU02-15 I/O Module to Termination Module Cable

Power Supplies
40PS3201A DCU Power Supply w/ Battery
636326A1 Dual Power Supplies
663433572 Power Supply 115v Input, 5v @ 60a, +-12 v @5a
IEPAS01 System Power Module
IEPAS02 System Power Module
IPMON01 I90 Power Monitoring Module
IPSYS01 System Power Module
NPEP01 Power Entry Panel, 120 VAC
NPSI02 Module Power Supply 120v
NPSI03 I/O Power Supply, 24 VDC Output
NPSM02 System Power Supply, 120 VAC 750 Watts
IEPEP01 Power Entry Panel, Single AC Feed
IEPEP03 Power Entry Panel, Redundant AC Feed
IPECB11 I90 Power Entry Circuit Breakers
IPBLK01 Blanks
IPCHS01 I90 Power Module Chasis
IPFCH01 I90 Power Fan Chasis
Lambda LRS-54-24 Power Supplies
IEPMU01 Power Mounting Unit, Rear Mount
IEPDP01 Power Distribution Panel

RAM & ROM & Firmware
RAM for COM Modules, DCC0072397/1, DS1220A 200
AOFSSM0101 NFMC03/INFMC03 rev F1 Firmware
AOFIIT0201 INIIT02 rev B1 Firmware
AOFAMM0301 NAMM03 rev B1 Firmware
AOFNPM0101 INNPM01 rev E2 Firmware
AOFLIS0101 INNIS01 rev E6 Firmware
AOFRI00201 NRI002 rev D3 Firmware
AOFMFP0201 IMMFP02 rev G1 Firmware
AOFMFP02 IMMFP02 rev E3 Firmware
AOFICT0102 INICT01 rev F1 Firmware
NMFC04/IMMFC04 rev F1 Firmware

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