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What is control systems integration?

In engineering, a system is a group of subsystems interacting to deliver functionality. Systems integration creates and improves the interfaces between those subsystems in order to make the overall system more effective and efficient. Control systems integration focuses on complex automation systems, managing their installation, commissioning, and long-term maintenance. Customers for control systems integration include power plants, industrial manufacturers, the military and defense industries, universities, and governments. Most projects necessitate expertise in pneumatic and electronic instrumentation.

Why choose Turnkey Control Solutions?

  • We are experts in project management, quality assurance, and the system development lifecycle.
  • We stay on top of and implement our industry’s best practices.
  • We strive to couple cost efficiency with quality.
  • Our top-notch employees have expert knowledge of legacy, current, and emerging control strategies and technology.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with prompt, individualized attention.
  • We maintain excellent relationships with the manufacturing and service vendors who contribute to our customers’ projects.
  • Rather than dictating a standard solution, we offer an array of tailored solutions and work with our customers to choose the one that best fits their unique needs.

"The Turnkey in our name distinguishes us the most from our competitors. We specialize in providing complete solutions, from research and design, through installation and deployment, to ongoing maintenance and process improvement."
- Bob Schuerch, TCSI President & Senior System Engineer

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